Paper Thin Speakers – PVDF Piezo Film Technology

Sound quality is what we want when we listen to our favorite tunes.  There’s a new product out in the market that has the capability to produce rich sounding audio.  A product by Richard Haverkern, this thin film speaker technology is the space aged material of the future.


The main technology behind this project is Polyvinylidene Fluoride Piezoelectric Film, or PVDF.  By connecting electrodes to either side of this film by way of conductive layer of ink, it is able to produce sound.  Yes, the film is the speaker.  Now that’s unbelievable.

Maybe you want your own style of speaker that currently doesn’t exist, or maybe you want something incredibly discreet.  The PVDF can be cut and sized however you like.  This sounds like so much fun.  The PVDF material looks something like a thick piece of sandwich wrap.  With each shape created you change the sound and audio reproduction.  You could spend hours listening to how music and different frequencies are affected by how the speaker film is curved.piezo1

The Piezo Film speakers are thinner than paper at just 80 microns thick. Since the material is a thin, light weight, flexible film it can be glued into any shape.  The material has a high mechanical strength and is impact resistant.  So let your imagination run wild.  You have endless options on how and where to use the film speakers.  It’s ideal for tight spaces and on obvious use for this amazing speaker film would be as a desktop stereo speaker system.  The PVDF speaker film used is very unique, difficult to manufacture and expensive to turn into a reality.  You can use this design as the foundation of your own thin film speaker system.

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