Papertrophy: A Unique Type of Paper Art


If you’re into DIY projects then we’ve got just the thing for you.  An animal-inspired design, Papertrophy is a series of wall-mounted and freestanding papercraft, designed in Berlin, by Holger Hoffmann.

paper1 paper6

This type of art is an alternative to hunting trophies you find on hunter’s walls.  The polygon designs are made of quality, eco-friendly paper.  The large geometric forms represent conventionally hunted, rare, and imaginary animals such as rhinos, lions, deer, penguins, gorillas, elephants, and unicorns.  Each style, each form creates a bright and impressive display.  The DIY kits come flat-paced and pre-cut, ready for you to assemble.  Simply glue the numbered pieces together and the final product will magically appear piece by piece in your hand.  The structure reflects the modern design approach.  The Papertrophy animals feature a minimalistic cubic design.  It’s simple as well as complex when the structures play with shadows and lights.

paper3 paper5

You must be wondering how it works, it’s pretty easy.  Hundreds of polygons fit perfectly inside each other and build a sturdy construction using nothing more than paper and glue.  The final product is so solid you could even take down off the wall and use it as your next Halloween mask.  The paper used for the trophies are handpicked from German paper manufacturers.   The designer came up with the idea for Papertrophy because 2D posters and framed paintings on walls looked boring.  His love for travelling and seeing wild animals in their natural habitat was another reason he set out to create a design concept that was user friendly and one that yields great art.

paper8 paper4 paper7paper2

The best part of the project is that no animals were harmed in the process. So you don’t have to shoot them, just glue them.  You can choose for five stand-up and five wall hanging awesome designs with tons of color option or you build the white version which can be personalized.  Holger’s personal favourite is the 3 foot tall Gorilla.  It makes a great gift for anyone who likes to be creative.  Papertrophy A Unique Type of Paper Art8 Papertrophy A Unique Type of Paper Art7 Papertrophy A Unique Type of Paper Art6 Papertrophy A Unique Type of Paper Art 5 Papertrophy A Unique Type of Paper Art 4 Papertrophy A Unique Type of Paper Art 3 Papertrophy A Unique Type of Paper Art 2 Papertrophy A Unique Type of Paper ArtThe Papertrophies can be pre-ordered on Indiegogo, where the project’s campaign is currently being funded.  The retail price for a regular Papertrophy will be $69.


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Papertrophy: A Unique Type of Paper Art

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