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Taking your bike out to explore the outdoors on a regular basis is great for your body and mind. It’s especially more fun when you do it with friends. You’re not always going to find a decent place to park your bicycle. Keeping all your bikes upright is going to be much easier when you have Bicyclick. Out cycling with fellow cyclists or family, this gadget allows for a quick and easy way to stand your bicycle up.bicyclick4 Bicyclick allows you to stand your bike upright on any surface, anywhere. The inventor, Benjamin Tobie thought of this because he likes cycling himself all the time and was annoyed when he would have to throw his bike to the the ground or hold it in his hand. Unfortunately it doesn’t work if you’re alone. He tested many materials and designs until he came up with a light, small and yet durable device.bicyclick6

Cyclists who ride road bikes or mountain bikes don’t like having the weight of a kickstand on their bicycles. Bicyclick is basically a set of handlebar plugs, one with a ball on the end, and the other with a socket. All you have to do is click the bikes together at the handlebars when you park. They will support each other. If you’re somewhere where your bike can roll downhill there is a parking brake included which loops around the brake to hold it in place. You can also get the optional wall-mounted Click-Base which allows you to stand your bike upright against the wall of even against a tree.bicyclick3

Bicyclick’s innovated design does not need any other props. Each set comes with two pieces- one ball and one socket, installs easily within minutes and costs about $25. It can be used on any type of bicycle and also on bikes with different heights.bicyclick2 bicyclick

If you’re an avid cyclist or an occasional cyclist who’s tried to lean your bike against a wall and had it roll away or flop over, you’ll appreciate the Bicyclist.

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