Bring it On – Pininfarina’s Sergio

Bring it On – Pininfarina’s Sergio 2For the past 80 years Pininfarina has represented the peak of automotive design.  The Italian auto design company has worked with the likes of Maserati, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari to design the bodies of some of the world’s most beautiful vehicles.  Simply consider how many Ferraris you’ve drooled over that were penned by his company.

But now they’re planning to create their own cars. After the death of Sergio Pininfarina, who was a vital part of the firm, the company decided to honor him by designing a vehicle in his name. Named as the Sergio, this is one of the most brilliant concept cars you’ll ever see.

Bring it On – Pininfarina’s Sergio 3Pininfarina teamed up with Ferrari on this project and the vehicle is based on the bones of Ferrari 458 spider, Sergio debuted on the Geneva Motor show and it was announced that it’ll go for a small production run. Pininfarina is looking to create between 3 and 6 Sergio’s each retailing for around $2M.

Bring it On – Pininfarina’s Sergio 5That sure does seem like a high price for a car without a windshield. Pininfarina justifies the price by making some radical changes to the 458 Spider. The Sergio’s body will be composed of carbon fiber, replacing the standard aluminum. The air ducts present in the front wheel wells, make up for the down force lost due to the absence of the windshield.

Bring it On – Pininfarina’s SergioFabio Filippini, Pininfarina’s design director, explains that, “We cannot say the Sergio was inspired by one specific car. We would rather say we were motivated by the spirit of Pininfarina’s best sports cars, Ferraris of the ’60s and ’70s designed under the leadership of Sergio Pininfarina. In particular, the Dino Berlinetta Speciale of 1965, the Ferrari 250 LM, the P5, the Modulo, and the Mythos.”

Announced to have a top speed of 199 mph and having 570 horsepower from its 4.5-liter V-8, and going an estimated 0-to-62-mph in less than 3.4 second. We believe we are right when say that; “This car is going to be LEGENDARY!” Just like Sergio Pininfarina himself.



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