Pizza Hut ‘Subconscious Menu’ Reads Your Mind

Whether you want a plain cheese pizza, vege pizza, or a meat lovers, selection has been made easy by Pizza Hut.  The pizza chain has partnered with Swedish eye-tracking firm Tobii Technology to develop what it call the world’s first subconscious menu, designed to recognize what you want, even when you don’t know yourself.  So in actuality you could be a vegetarian ordering a meat lovers pizza with extra pepperoni.


In development for six months, the menu is completely controlled by your retina. In other words you can now order pizza with your eyes.  All you have to do is follow the Pizza Hut logo with your eyes so the menu can recognize your eye movement.  From there, you’ll see a grid of 20 potential toppings on the screen such as fresh peppers, chorizo, pepperoni, and chicken.  In exactly 2.5 seconds, the subconscious menu knows which ingredients your mind and eyes have been looking at longest.  The menu, then uses a powerful mathematical algorithm to identify from 4,896 possible ingredient combinations.

Eyetracking technology is a real thing though it sounds quite far-fetched.  Louis Emile Javal first used eyetracking to study reading in the late 19th century, and cognitive psychologists today rely on eyetracking to investigate basic processes like attention, perception, memory, and decision making.  Modern eyetracking is based on high-speed cameras and graphics processors that measure infrared light reflected from the corneas of the eyes.  This technology was once expensive by now a good system could be bought for less than a couple of hundred dollars.  At Pizza Hut a heat map showing where a user looked most according to the tablet’s eyetracker will determine what the customer wants to top their pizza with.


A representative for Pizza Hut said that the program will help the ‘indecisive orderer’ and the ‘prolonged menu peruser’ to get it right without wasting too much time.  With the subconscious menu, the focus of dining can be on the most important part- the enjoyment of eating!


Pizza Hut and Tobii said that tests of the new menu have yielded positive results with 98% of the customers happy with their toppings.  The new subconscious menu is now being put in every refurbished Pizza Hut restaurant in the U.K.  We say why stare at a picture when you can just talk?  After all, how hard is it to say ‘’pepperoni’’?

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