Project Premonition Is Microsoft’s Drone Equipped Project That Can Reduce Disease Outbreaks

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While in Australia, drone’s are racing, Microsoft has other plans for these popular gadgets. There’s is an initiative to eradicate diseases through using specialized drones. How’s that possible? Let me explain.

Project Premonition has created an army of specialized drones, or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) that can catch mosquitoes, and study them through a software that can process genetic data.

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Currently, scientists use manual traps to catch mosquitoes and then bring them back to the labs to take their virus profiles. This process is tedious, as well as expensive, owing to the distances involved and manual labour that has to be transported to carry out these tasks. A drone, however, could change that.

Microsoft’s drone aren’t only capable of catching the flies at any distance, they are also able analyze the species and what its carrying inside. In small villages and far flung areas where deadly diseases take the worst of their toll, this could mean a break through. It could, also, help identify new types of viruses and diseases, essentially saving outbreaks of potentially unknown diseases.

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Giving a concrete standing to the idea, Microsoft carried out a successful trial in Grenada around March of this year. Findings were presented at the Microsoft Innovation TechFair in Washington, DC in the beginning of June. The gestation period of the project, nonetheless, stands at around 5 years, after which cloud computing and drone technology could essentially save thousands of lives.

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