Project Sunroof Does All The Working Before You Install Solar Power At Home

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With the ever-lasting grey cloud of long power cuts in the many countries and the ever-decreasing prices of the solar technology, Project Sunroof could not have been started at a better time. A long lasting and constant supply of clean energy to power your home in now a reality.

The prices for solar are really falling, which is evident from the report titled Renewable Generation Costs in 2014 put forward by the International Renewable Energy Agency at the World Energy Conference in Abu Dhabi in January, 2015. It is also predicted by experts that the photo-voltaic systems will give the conventional fossil fuel system for power generation a run for its money by the year 2017.

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Not only is solar energy more economical than the one produced by burning fossil fuels, it is also more friendly towards the environment as it involves zero emissions. The toxic gases released in the atmosphere by burning of fuel are damaging the flora and fauna of the surroundings and also playing a part in increasing global warming. Solar energy is clean as it reduces these emissions significantly and is the method of choice if you want to conserve biodiversity.Project Sunroof 2

Cheap and clean energy. Sounds too good to be true. But it is and Project Sunroof is one of many websites that provide all the information you need while installing the solar PV system. All you need to do is provide Project Sunroof with your address and they do the rest of the work. Basically, they combine information used by Google to create a solar plan for you, keeping in mind all the constraints like the amount of sunlight reaching your roof and the direction in which the sun shines over your home.

As advanced as it may sound, it is really not very difficult for these experts as it involves the data used by Google in and combining it with different databases to create your very own solar roof plan. Google alone has a very advanced and vast database that it uses in Google Maps and Google Earth and Project Sunroof just combines that data with 3D modelling of your roof and the surroundings like trees and other tall buildings and comes up with the most efficient solar energy plan recommended according to your needs.Project Sunroof 3

Project Sunroof aims at providing close to 100 percent renewable energy generation and also suggests the best financial option based on the solar industry pricing data i.e. lease, loan, credit etc.

The intensity of sunlight does not affect the production of solar energy as the PV cells are sensitive to light. This means that your energy supply will be unhampered even on cloudy days. Solar panels require little maintenance; the inverters may need to be replaced after their decade long warranty expires but it is generally believed that a solar panel system can last as long as 30 years, if looked after properly. Roofs facing south or south-west are considered ideal but in general, you will benefit from installing this system regardless of the direction of your roof.

Solar panels are very easy on the pocket and cut the electricity bills to almost half. Moreover, this will help in the future when the prices of fossil fuels, and consequently the prices of electricity, will rise exponentially. The average price of a good solar energy system range between $9400 – $14200 but some retailers like IKEA are selling even cheaper systems starting at $5700. Furthermore, a property with solar energy systems installed is bound to get better rates. So why wait? Get your personalized solar roof plan now from Project Sunroof and start using clean and cheap energy.

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Project Sunroof Does All The Working Before You Install Solar Power At Home

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