PYRO Fireball Shooter


Growing up we’ve all wanted to be some superhero or the other with a special power.  Now thanks to PYRO you can live your fantasies as a comic book character or video game villain.


Designed by Adam Wilber and sold by Ellusiionist, Pyro is a mischievous, James Bond style  contraption that attaches discreetly to your wrist and gets triggered by a remote held in your other hand.  When you’re ready to wow the crowd, you can shoot fireballs some 10 feet into the air. Each Pyro comes with four individually triggered barrels.  The balls themselves are made of flash cotton and paper.  Each pack contains enough ammo for more than 50 uses.


The device is concealed under a long sleeve and gives the illusion that you’re shooting fireballs from your hand or that your sleeve caught on fire.  The wireless controller has a range of up to 30 feet.   The remote switch fits comfortably and discreetly in the other hand, activated with a squeeze of the fist.  Small and light enough to sit in a pocket when not in use without you or your spectators noticing it’s there.  Now you can have the power of fire in the palm of your hand.  Since this is not a toy, you have to be 18 or over to purchase one.

pyro5 pyro4

Wilber says “this is the first physical product that I have developed,” and “I bought one of these flashguns a while ago and had way too much fun playing with it.”  Two AAA batteries are used to power the wearable unit and a 2032 watch battery is needed for the wireless controller.  Pyro took about two years to develop.  Four prototypes later, Pyro was finalized.  The Pyro Fireshooter retailing at $174.

PYRO Fireball Shooter

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