QMOTE: The Water Resistance Remote Control for Smartphones

From your television to your fireplace, it seems like everything is remote controlled.  Today’s hi-tech world has left us in awe of the all the latest gadgets.  Now, the company Qblinks has created a remote control for your smartphone.  Qmote is a single button control to help users perform a variety of actions on their mobile device, especially when it’s out of reach.


This unusual smartphone remote control did try to get funding during last summer, but it never materialized.  The company decided to relaunch the product.  The new version has been given a flash body, some additional features, and lower price.  It’s compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.  The body is a big button, which can have up to 11 different functions programmed into it, ready to activate various features on your phone.  It can be used to control music, act as the camera’s shutter release, activate apps, or to turn on a find-my-phone alarm system.  Qmote is giving users quick an easy access to the most common functions they perform daily.

qmote2 qmote3

Each function you assign it can have it own combination of button presses and holds specified, all of which are configured through a app.  The device is made from brushed aluminum, it’s water resistant and has a coin-cell battery inside which should be good for a year’s worth of use.  The newer version no longer has the notification feature, but the company is planning and working on new features over the year.  Qmote can start navigation when your phone is on the dashboard.


With its patent-pending technology, Qmote requires neither awkward maneuvers nor additional software drivers to link to your computer.  Qmote simply works in presenter mode after pairing with a nearby computer.  The water-resistance design allows you to use Qmote anywhere, anytime.qmote4

The Qmote App is used only for configuration.  Simply choose a preferred click combination, assign it to a function, and the Qmote may have lost a feature, but the price has been dropped to a more sensible $15 for early-bird offers.  With Qmote your smartphone has just become smarter.

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