Radmo is the Best Smartphone Mount for Cars Ever!!

Car mounts for mobile devices and GPS devices have always caused problems.  The number one issue is safety while driving because these mounts take up windshield space, blocking the driver’s field of sight.  Windshield mounts are even illegal in some states.  Radmo, a new company with a product of the same name has come up with a basic yet innovative idea.

radmo1 radmo5

Radmo is a basic mount for mobile, mini-tablet and GPS devices that fits right into your car’s CD player, leaving the windshield space untouched.  It also doesn’t sit on the dashboard where the airbags are located.  You can also charge your device while driving.   Radmo is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo.  Instead of using bulky suction cups, Radmo takes advantage of the underutilized portion of your car’s console:  the CD player.  It does not require any tools to assemble.

radmo4 radmo3

Radmo slides into your car’s CD player and is adjustable to fit most any smartphone, mini-tablet or GPS.  It’s made of infused nylon making it incredibly durable and the best part is, you can still use your CD player while Radmo is in place.  The Radmo mount is now available for as low as $20.  For $25, you can get a Radmo mount with Coated Metal base for devices up to 8 inches, which is suitable for small tablet or GPS devices.


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