Real Life Marine Soldier is More Courageous than Any Superhero

The true face of courage: Captain America and Ironman don’t even come close. US Marine Gunnery Sergeant Brian Meyer was seriously injured after a bomb he was defusing exploded in 2011. The 29 year old Marine was deployed as a bomb technician in Afghanistan. He ordered a comrade to take the battlefield photograph showing his wounds while forcing a smile. This picture is heartbreaking and inspiring. He lost his hand and his right leg above the knee. He also lost three fingers of his left hand.US Marine Gunnery Sergeant Brian Meyer4

To go through life without the limbs you were born with, smiling all the way sure is commendable. Sgt Meyer has rebuilt his life and doesn’t feel he lacks in any way at all. Though he battled with recovery, he made it and is now an inspiration for other amputees. He said he did not want his house fitted with special ramps or be confined to a wheelchair, instead he vowed to walk again and maintain an active lifestyle. The Naval Health Research Center has started on a six-year study, to help wounded warriors rebuild their lives. Doctors say a positive attitude is a key to recovery and this must be the key to Sgt Meyer’s success. Though he has retired from the Marines he wants to focus on what he has left, not on what he lost. US Marine Gunnery Sergeant Brian Meyer

Sergeant Meyers undergoes laser treatment to decrease scar tissue. He can now hold a toothbrush, write with a pen, dial his phone, and pull the trigger of a hunting rifle. Meyer and two others have started the nonprofit organization, Warfighter Made, which modified his motorcycle. It also customizes sports cars, off-road vehicles and other transportation for veterans. His main goal is to have a guy drive into a handicap spot in the coolest car and have people say “what’s this guy doing?” Then they see him get out with a prosthetic leg.Combat Wounded Pushing Limits US Marine Gunnery Sergeant Brian Meyer3 US Marine Gunnery Sergeant Brian Meyer5

This young soldier sacrificed so much for his home and country, but he didn’t let that destroy his life. He remains an inspiration not only to other war veterans and amputees but to everyone across the globe. He loves the photograph taken of him on the battlefield. When he shows it to people, they are inspired by it instead of being shocked.US Marine Gunnery Sergeant Brian Meyer7 We should all live by this soldiers’ views and ideas of life.

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