Relio Is A Tiny Light With Sun Like Color Rendering

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The right lighting makes all the difference, especially for professionals.  Lighting can improve the quality of videos and photographs.  Relio, manufactured in Brescia, Italy,  is a tiny USB light, that fits in the palm of your hand and adds a full sun spectrum color rendering for every situation.

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Made out of a block of solid aluminum, the Relio is meant to last and handle going on adventures for the perfect shot.  There are two lenses included with 30 and 15 degree optics, and the lenses are interchangeable.  There is a holder for gels included as awell for those that like more than just the normal warm to cool spectrum, and a mount so you can put on your own equipment.  There are three CCTs available spanning from 3000k- 4500k, and the price ranges from $140-$155.  The company is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

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The Relio can deliver constant tint and brightness.  Relio respects major standards in terms of socket conection, light quality, power and reliability.  The Relio is powered by a standard micro USB and is equipped with standard camera mount thread.  Relio emits 200 lumens of warm, 92 CRI white light.  It’s not a normal white light.  The richness of its spectrum will give new life to your colors.  A PMMA clear mask is included, so you can use your color gels.  The hard anodization makes it sleek, robust, and ultra durable.  It took one year of studies, engineering and testing to manufacture Relio.relio light6

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Marco Bozzola, founder, lead developer, product engineering and sales manager says, “Relio makes you feel nostalgic about incandescent lights.  It’s warm and bright, but consumes less, does not get hot, it’s tiny and really beautiful if you are not into light, with Relio you have the best starter kit money can buy.”  If everything goes as planned the Relio will ship  by November 2015.

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