Love for the Sea – Antoine Renault Paintings

We all love artists, don’t we? Today’s post is about a self taught artist by the name of Antoine Renault. Antoine is a photo-realistic painter and he is famous because of his paintings and the uniqueness attributed to them. All of his paintings include one common aspect which is the sea and everything which you can attribute to the sea.

In his own words; ‘Water is always in my colors. The sea is never far away. I do everything for her to come home. In fact, my real motivation is her. It remains the guiding thread of my inspiration. Seas, skies, clouds and reflections beach … She is my best muse for a happy painting!’

Enjoy the marvelous work of Antoine Renault!antoine-renault-3w[2] antoine-renault-5[2] antoine-renault-3[2] antoine-renault-2_1[6] antoine-renault-2[2] antoine-renault-1_1[6] antoinerenault2[6] antoine-renault-7[3] antoinerenault[3] antoine-renault-6[2] antoine-renault-8[2]


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