Renovate an Old Dresser into This Amazing Piece of Art!

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Kelsey Johnson of Design-Innovate-Create has great ideas for DIYers. And this time, she has come up with a fun way for you to add a semi-vintage, semi-modern hybrid touch to your living space. Say hello to patterned a dresser!

With mere lace, spray paint and a passion for DIY projects, you too can have a pattern of your choice on your dresser, and give your living room the artsy punch you hoped for. Follow these easy steps:

Take an old dresser. You can renovate an older one you have, or buy one from a flea market. (Make sure its clean!)

DIY Vintage Styled Drawer SHelf(27)

The project can be done in a yard to save space and not having to worry about spills. Spray paint the shelf to a color of your choice.

DIY Vintage Styled Drawer SHelf(29)

Now take the drawers and spray paint them.

DIY Vintage Styled Drawer SHelf(28)When dry, cover the drawer with lace. Choose a pattern that you adore!

DIY Vintage Styled Drawer SHelf(30)

Now. Spray paint away!

DIY Vintage Styled Drawer SHelf(31)

When you’re sure you won’t mess it up, remove the lace.

DIY Vintage Styled Drawer SHelf(32)Ta Da!

DIY Vintage Styled Drawer SHelf(22)

Renovate the knobs as well. Match them to your living room.

DIY Vintage Styled Drawer SHelf(23)

Assemble the drawers and the shelf and you have a new and unique dresser!

DIY Vintage Styled Drawer SHelf(24)

The idea of using this DIY method are countless. You can give your living room a funky look, or a vintage one, depending on the colors and the patterns that you use.

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