Rule Your Electronics with the Gesture Ring

Gesture control devices are a big new area of interest among hardware startups. 16Lab is developing a wearable computing device to make users’ lives more convenient.

gesture ring4

gesture ring3

The company has designed this to deliver functionality and reliability in the form of a ring. There are a variety of users’ daily actions which can be supported by computers without the need of a display and a well developed software program to hold it all together. The ring device can be used as a gesture controller, an alert tool, non-contact keys, and an e-wallet. In order to deliver higher safety and greater satisfaction to users, 16Lab has teamed up with technology company Alps Electric. The ring is made of titanium. It works by transmitting your gestures to other devices around like computers, tablets, and TV’s.

gesture ring2

You might feel like the Green Lantern while wearing it. It definitely has certain powers, especially over your electronics. Once you put it on your finger, it will vibrate to confirm you’re connected and then your world is literally at your fingertips. The ring hasn’t been priced yet but the manufacturer says it will be released in the second half of 2015, but it will be ready for pre-order soon.

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