Say Goodbye To Backache And Bad Posture With BetterBack

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Back pain is a pain in the.. well, back. According to the American Chiropractic Association, Americans spend at least $50 billion each year on back pain!

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There are ergonomic chairs to ease the pain, but they are costly, and you have to get multiple for home and work. Then there are back supporters, but each option has its own vice.

When Katherine Krug started to suffer from chronic back pain due to spending hours and hours on a product development while sitting in her chair for more than 12 hours each day, she realized that no product suited her entirely. If some were downright ineffective, others were costly, or plain uncomfortable on the knees. A product developer as she was, she set out to make her very own back support, which is how BetterBack happened!

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When Katherine experimented with her custom back support, she stumbled upon a gem. “The keystone to good posture is the pelvis,” explains Katherine. “Traditional back supports only focus on your lumbar spine”. With this in mind, she designed a reliable back support that worked wonderfully for her.

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People began to ask about her DIY back support and asked to try it. Then she began to receive borrow requests, to her surprise, as she had never thought so many people were suffering silently. Katherine realized how the whole world needs adequate support – literally – for back pains.

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After several prototypes, Katherine has finally arrived at a design that’s marketable. “BetterBack stabilizes your pelvis, restoring your spine’s natural curvature, and provides lumbar support,” she explains on her crowdfunding campaign. BetterBack uses a perforated mesh so your back can breathe while being supported. It is extremely lightweight and portable, usable with any chair or none at all, and its design allows you to retain your posture even after you take it off and stand. Wearing BetterBack for 15 minutes each day can improve your posture significantly over time. This works as BetterBack gradually trains your posture muscles to retain an adequate posture. It also sports a comfortable padded knee strap so it doesn’t hurt you.

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The Kickstarter campaign for BetterBack has crossed a whopping $754,000 on a mere $12,500 goal. If you are among the world’s posture-hungry people as well, you can contribute starting from as low as $49 for a BetterBack, expected to deliver by November.

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