Set Timers, using

You can now set timers for second, minutes or hours in Google search bar by simply typing in “timer [amount of time]”.

For example :

For 10 seconds









For 10 minutes











For 10 hours










You can use a variety of variations such as :

timer 23 hours 5 minutes 17 seconds

timer 23‘, This sets the timer for whatever amount of time remains so that it will go off at 11:00pm (2300 hours)

timer 10′, This will set the timer for 10 : 00 AM

timer 10 pm‘, This sets the timer for 10 : 00 PM

You can also use full timer format by typing in ‘timer 22 : 00 : 18‘, this will se the timer for 10 : 00 : 18 PM


Basil Rafiq

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