Skillful is a Martial Arts App That Helps You Kick Ass

Skillful is a Martial Arts App That Helps You Kick Ass

Practice makes perfect is a popular idiom, and now we have science to back it up! Deliberate practice accounts for more than half of the success in gaining new skills, or mastering older ones. Training for martial arts is no different. It requires constant practice, a daily workout regime and repetition of skills to master them all. Do you know how many different sets of skills, or techniques, exist within martial arts? Multitudes, if you count them piece by piece!Skillful App T

Being good at all of these is beyond a normal person (not really, though; you can master any skill with consistent practice). But by practicing regularly, a wide variety of skills can be mastered. If you do follow through on your martial arts workout consistently, keeping track of this variety and repeating it each day is the difficult part.Skillful App 2 Skillful App 1 Skillful App 4 Skillful App 3

Perch design studio has devised the SKILLFUL App to help you keep track of your workout and record all details to assist you in your martial arts training. It is the brainchild of Stacy Kim, co-founder of Perch and a Martial artist of 10+ years. She found the task of keeping a daily journal for her workouts tedious; imagine recording more than 130 skills and designing a workout regime to keep all of these sharp! SKILLFUL helps martial artists track their skills categorically, create and log workouts and achieve training goals to hone their technique. An app to get you from a white belt to a black belt!



Yet to launch for both iOS and Android devices, the app will be a complete tool for personal and professional martial arts training. Its features include:

  • Skill Management: skill archive with name, description, typical interval, media
  • Drills Management: drill archive with name, associated skills, description, typical interval, media
  • Goal Management: goal name, drills to achieve goal, increment for each drill, duration of the goal
  • Workout Log: with the ability to mark your favorites
  • Achievement Badges: used to motivate progress towards goal

Skillful App

It aims to provide its users with all the tools necessary to stay at the top of their game and improve their technique systematically. The first phase of the app can be used for personal training, whereas the second phase hopes to include a layout for teaching martial arts. Martial art instructors can use this app to keep track of the variety of their drills and devise the perfect curriculum for martial arts students. A third phase plans to integrate an organizational interface for martial arts schools. Drew Atripaldi, professional martial artist turned trainer and Executive Director of Riverview Foundation says, “I’m excited to put SKILLFUL to use in my schools and feel confident that it’s a tool that will help my instructors and students train smarter and more effectively”.

Skillful Timeline

The Kickstarter campaign for SKILLFUL was working towards its $15,000 goal. With its goal achieved, the app is set to launch a beta version in July 2015, with a full release in October 2015.

Skillful is a Martial Arts App That Helps You Kick Ass

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