SLIDE Is A Real HoverBoard By Lexus

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The luxury car brand Lexus is entering the market with their own hoverboard. The company has not yet revealed much about the product, except for a few pictures and a video. In the video, a working hoverboard can be observed by those interested. According to their promotions, the hoverboard named SLIDE using Magnetic Levitation to create “frictionless movement”. This magnetic levitation is produced using magnets that use superconducting system that is then cooled using liquid nitrogen, this causes the fumes to come out from the board.



The video is not brief and hardly reveals anything about the board. Neither is the functioning of the board is shown. But the Lexus Company ensures that their efforts were not futile and that this is actually a working hoverboard. This is not the first time some company has taken it upon them to make a hoverboard, what actually fascinates us is that Lexus claim to have succeeded. Previously the hoverboards used super strong magnets to levitate, but as the weight increased, the levitation failed and stronger magnets were required. Also, the devices that used those superconductors only functioned on certain magnetic surfaces, whereas the SLIDE is seen to be hovering over concrete in the provided videos and pictures.


The Lexus Company has manufactured this hoverboard as part of the Company’s Amazing in Motion campaign. The aim of this campaign is to demonstrate how “Amazing things can be achieved” combining the technology, design and imagination. Teams in Germany and England have been developing the board for almost 18 months, and it is being tested by a professional skateboarder in Barcelona, Spain.

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