Smart Helmet by Nand Logic

We’ve seen many smart helmets hit the market in the past, but the Nand Logic’s Smart Helmet just might be the icing on the cake, the crème of the crème.  It just might be the first helmet of its kind to have so many electronic gadgets packed into one helmet.

nand helmet1

The Smart Helmet’s electronic system runs on an onboard multicore SoC (system on a chip).  At the moment the helmet is still in prototype form.  Included in the helmet are an integrated accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, Bluetooth module, and GPS module, plus temperature and humidity sensors.  It also features a forward-facing HD video camera to make first person recording and easy feat with the onboard SD card.  There is also a rear facing camera.  Both cameras can come in handy to keep an eye on other traffic around the user.  If the software determines that a collision is about to occur, it will send out a sound alert via the helmet’s stereo speakers.  Though still in the planning stage, a visual warning system using LEDs might be included in the final product.

nand helmet2

The helmet is able to figure out its position within three-dimensional space using the GPS, accelerometer, and gyroscope.  By doing this, the built-in turn signals and a brake light are activated.  Light sensors sense when its getting dark outside and it’s time to turn of the built-in LED headlights.  If it gets too hot inside the helmet, determined by the temperature and humidity sensors, an onboard fan automatically turns on for added ventilation.  To prevent too much noise, an external mic monitors sounds, and can then use the helmet’s sound system to screen out distracting audio such as wind or engine noise.  It can also detect sounds such as sirens or car horns, and alert the user to them.  Via Bluetooth the user can make and receive calls, receive turn by turn directions, or listen to music.Smart Helmet by Nand Logic3

A prototype is on display at the Consumers Electronics Show and the company is trying to price the helmet under $500.

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