Sneak Peak At The Microsoft Surface Book

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Microsoft have just announced their first ever laptop called the Surface Book and its nothing short of spectacular. The specs and build that have been officially revealed by Microsoft make it the fastest 13-inch laptop in production today because its two times faster than the Apple Macbook Pro. It is a lightweight laptop, weighing in at just 3 lbs. but there is nothing lightweight about its build and performance. Here is a sneak peak at the specs and pictures revealed so far:

The Surface Book is made up of a single piece of magnesium, making it lightweight and giving it a sleek look without any joints.

microsoft surface book 2

It has a dynamic fulcrum hinge in place of the joint between screen and keyboard in normal laptops.

microsoft surface book 3

The muscle wire lock enables the screen to be completely detached from the rest of the body so that it can be used a tablet.

microsoft surface book 4

If that’s not enough, you can even flip the display around and use it as a clipboard.

microsoft surface book 5 e1444489830468 550x273 - Sneak Peak At The Microsoft Surface Book

The trackpad is made with precision glass and supports up to 5 point multi-touch.

microsoft surface book 6

It houses a sixth generation Intel Core i7 processor chip with an optional 1GB GDDR5 nVidia GPU giving it amazing performance levels.

microsoft surface book 7

It has a backlit QWERTY ergonomic keyboard with beautiful chiclet buttons.

microsoft surface book 8

It comes with two USB ports and can support has a SD Card slot as surface book 9

The battery lasts up to 12 hours on a single charge which is nothing short of amazing.

microsoft surface book 10

Excited? So are we. The good news doesn’t end here. We will just have to wait a little longer for its release which is scheduled for 26th October, 2015. The price for the Surface Book will start at $1,499 but considering how amazing it looks and performs, that number seems to be quite within range.

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