Solar-Powered Auto Rickshaw Invented by Peshawar University Students

Inventions have come a long way. Researchers, Engineers, Scientists, Students and regular everyday people try to design and create something to better the world with. Some inventions are kind of weird and don’t serve any particular purpose while others will leave us in awe. We will have to take our hats off to a bunch of students from CECOS University in Peshawar who have designed a solar powered powered rickshaw Peshawar2

This environmentally friendly rickshaw has been designed by a team of electrical engineering students, Musa, Kashif, Mehmood ul Hassan, and Samir Afridi. The project was funded by the Science and Information Technology Department of the province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The working prototype will not only save drivers the cost of fuel, but it will also be eco-friendly. The rickshaw will be able to run upto 40 km/h. It does not make excessive noise like the traditional rickshaws, nor does it emit smoke, reducing the pollution in the atmosphere. The vehicle does not have a CNG or petrol based engine but is equipped with batteries that are charged through electricity generated from solar energy.

The ‘green rickshaw’project wanted to target environment friendly transportation in the local market. The prototype cost a little under Rs 300,000 (US $ 3,000). The government has assured the team that they will have cooperation in the production of these rickshaws for commercial powered rickshaw Peshawar

Solar energy comes from using the sun as fuel to create heat or electricity. It is considererd environmentally friendly because the sun is a natural energy source that does not require the burning of fossil fuels. In addition, it is a renewable source since the the energy from the sun will never run out and if any of you knows anything about Pakistan, we have a lot of sun here.  “We need to further improve this and take it to the commercial level so that we can also improve durability” says Suhaib Khan, a teacher supervising the students on the project.

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