Sonder is The Next Generation Keyboard You Must Own

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I have always wanted a keyboard that’d do just what I want it to do. This typical keyboard gets pretty boring, QWERTY-ing around, like it’s nobody’s business. BUT IT IS.

With so many gadgets and apps rolling in huge numbers, each customizable to its core, connectable with your smartphone or you laptop, you need complete control to manage them as smoothly as possible. This keyboard is power packed, giving you complete control over each and everything that you connect to through your personal computer, your smartphone or your tablet.

Sonder Keyboard (2)

Created by Sonder Design, this keyboard connects with all these devices via Bluetooth. “With Sonder you can establish game specific hotkeys, macros and specific in-game commands for more control at your fingertips. Customize each key to have their own individual iconography to ensure you know what keys you’re pressing at all times”, explains Sonder Design.

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So this is how it works: the Sonder keyboard’s transparent keys are all little screens that are able to display many icons, so you can customize which key performs what function. You can mix and match, creating custom hot keys for game controls, accessing facebook, twitter or other social media, creating music and what not! The keys can be customized for multiple languages and scripts.

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Sonder is lighted up via front lighting through an advanced fiber optic waveguide, so typing in the dark is no longer a difficult task.

Sonder Keyboard (2)

And then there’s the Sonder community. Users can share their customizations with the larger community. All your settings can be saved on your Sonder cloud, so you don’t have to worry about losing them.

Sonder Keyboard (1)

Sonder’s Kickstarter campaign is set to launch soon, but they are open for pre-orders on their official website, which offers a $100 discount on the gadget.

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