Spira – Charger, Sculpture, Clock….All in One!


Is it a clock? Is it a phone charger?  Is it a sculpture?  Guess what…….it’s all three!  Spira is a unique contraption that turns your smartphone into a clock and a work of art while it’s charging.


We all use our smartphones a lot, but the fact of the matter is that when it’s plugged into the wall and charging, it’s pretty much doing nothing useful. Spira is the work of Alice Robbiani, an interactive design student at Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne in Switzerland.  Robbiani wanted to work around the concept of wireless charging.  Basically, Spira is a plain frame with a solid design, but when your phone is attached to the frame, its inductive charging mechanism kicks in.  Then the frame’s thermochromic paint heats up to reveal a beautiful spiral pattern.  Spira comes with an accompanying app, which displays white spheres to record the charging process and another display which shows a working clock.


The Spira comes in two parts: a wall-mounted base station and a special case which allows an iPhone to stick to the station as it charges.  So while your battery is being replenished, Spira becomes a work of art.  Using the magnetic principles of inductive charging, Spira holds on to your phone, giving it a place of honor.  The phone’s presence allows energy to spread and make the heat sensitive paint react.  This is how a new image appears.


Part sculpture, part charger, part clock, the Spira is magnetic……Literally.   Although this is just a project right now and isn’t being offered for sale, Spira is giving the world a glimpse at the technologically connected homes of the future where we’ll see software, technology, and interior design working together.  This design has given us hope that shows us there are ways we can charge our smartphones other than laying them on our bedside tables or in some cases on the floor.

Spira – Charger, Sculpture, Clock….All in One!

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