Starfish – A Safety Gadget for your Babies

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According to a survey about 45 babies dies because they’ve been left alone in hot cars, just in US. Horrified by this number, Matthew Sheets, who became a father recently invented a device called Starfish.Starfish (1)

Matthew Sheets, who recently became a father to Henry, designed this weight activated sensor which links itself to the parents’ cell phones and notifies them if they’ve forgotten to take their kids out with them. The sensor starts alerting the parents once they step out of a 20 ft (6 metres) radius, from the baby seat if they’ve forgotten to take the little one with them.

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Just as a precautionary measure, if the parents fail to respond to the notification the device, will then contact their emergency contacts within five minutes. The sensor that is 1.5 inches round and as thick as a few coins, would cost the buyer as low as £36 ($60) when its KickStarter funding campaign ends in September. Mr. Sheets, inventor of the device became a father four months ago. According to him, “On average, one child dies in a hot car every nine days in the United States. With Starfish, we aim to make that number zero”Starfish (4)

He further explained, “As a new father, hearing the news of yet another infant losing his life in a hot car horrified me.

‘I asked myself, ‘How? Why? What can be done? The search for answers prompted me to start developing a device that could easily prevent these tragedies from happening. That device is Starfish.’ Mr. Sheets, a resident of Birmingham in Alabama lives with his wife Jessica, 25, named the device Starfish because of the way it connect to the inside of the baby seat.

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He expects to be able to start shipping the product in December that will support both Apple and Android devices. And will be using Bluetooth connectivity for its function. He further elaborated: ‘When you place your child on the Starfish device, it automatically pairs with your smartphone, sending you a notification that your child is in his or her seat.Starfish (5)

‘When activated, Starfish then creates a ‘geo-fence’ radius around itself. If you leave the “geo-fenced” area, around 20ft (6 meters), Starfish will automatically notify you that your child may be in danger. For me, this technology is all about saving lives. Starfish is a simple way to prevent these tragedies from happening. With enough support, we will enter production by October, and have plans to ship units by November and first runs by December.’

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Starfish – A Safety Gadget for your Babies

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