Steel Wally Is A Wallet that Stops Human Trafficking

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Wallets are some of the most frequently bought items. Due to their ultra-frequent use, wallets experience wear and tear, de-shape, bulge or sometimes even tear in places. It would be safe to say that you have to buy wallets every so often, but how many of them actually help make a difference in the world?

Here’s one for a cause: the Steel Wally.

The Steel Wally (2)

The Steel Wally is a unique, no nonsense, minimalist design, carved from stainless steel. Designed and manufactured by an Oregon based team, the Steel Wally lets you stash your cash and your cards securely. The best part is, this wallet can put a stop modern day slavery, human trafficking and non-consensual sex businesses.

According to Stop the Traffik, “The equivalent of 35 double decker bus loads of men, women and children are trafficked everyday and forced into sexual exploitation, crime, domestic servitude and slave labor.” Mike and Jake, creators of the Steel Wally want to help crank down these astounding numbers and with the Steel Wally, they are set to do their part by donating $5 from the purchase of each Steel Wally to The Wayne Foundation, which is  a not-for-profit organization working to end sex trafficking in the United States.

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Durability is a prime feature of the Steel Wally. Fashioned from stainless steel, coupled with a military-grade band guaranteed for life, the Steel Wally will last you a life time. You can run it over with a car, dust it off and put it back in your pocket, unscathed. Its unconventional material also saves your hard earned money; the stainless steel shell shields against unauthorized RFID scan of your credit cards – a new hacking technique that thieves have come up with!

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Although the Steel Wally is tough, its perfectly curved edges make it safe for you and baby proof for the little angels lurking about you. It won’t hurt the babies, and the babies won’t hurt it! It weighs just 2.5 ounces, and is just 1/16th of an inch thick. Its sleek and tough design retains its thinness – say bye bye to ugly bulges of overstuffed wallets.

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Using the steel wally is minimalist to the core. Cards are stashed inside the steel plates, whereas cash can be secured in the tough yet elastic band; simple as that. The band will feature different colors so you can choose one that defines you.

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The Steel Wally’s design serves another purpose. You can NOT put it in your back pocket, and it’s a good thing. Research shows that sitting on wallets is creating back problems for millions of people around the world. As a creature of habit, men are bound to stash their wallets in their back pockets. But with Steel Wally, you have to put your wallet in the front pocket where it ultimately saves you considerable expenditure on the doctor’s bills. “As a functional fitness professional, my job is to help people move as our bodies are supposed to and optimize health and fitness. Millions of men still sit on bulky wallets that they carry in their back pockets. We aim to change that for sake of backs everywhere!”, explains Jake, Co-founder of Steel Wally.

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The Steel Wally (3)

Steel Wally is all set to launch their Kickstarter campaign on June 15th, 2015 with early bird offers, color and customization options. For a better wallet and a chance to save someone’s life, hop on and grab your Steel Wally! For updates, check out their Facebook page.

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