Stir Kinect Desk – Smart Desk whose Height can be Varied

Stir Kinect Desk2

According to recent researches held out worldwide, scientists have concluded that sitting around your workspace continuously for hours can lead to physical fitness of a person. According to some experts; changing from a seated to a standing desk can improve productivity. ‘Harvard Business Review called sitting ‘The smoking of our generation,’ said JP Labrosse, founder and CEO of Stir.

Stir Kinect Desk is the world’s smartest desk, which has a motor to convert it into a standing/sitting desk. The efficient motors make the transformation a matter of seconds. This desk ensures that you stand up for some part of your daily activity at the desk, hence maintaining your posture. It can also track the amount of movement you’re doing during your day and add it up to your FitBit daily totals.Stir Kinect Desk8

The Stir Kinect desk comprises of a motor to raise and lower itself, to convert it into a standing desk or a traditional desk. It can even be programmed to gradually move up and down, at the speed of a resting human heartbeat, seeming like a reminder for the user to change their position. The desk has a built-in touchscreen to control movement and track it as well. It can also calculate, how many calories a user is burning during their day. A double tap on the screen changes the setting from sitting to standing. Moreover one can adjust the amount of time they want to stand and the time they want to sit.Stir Kinect Desk7 Stir Kinect Desk6

The desk contains compartments with power sockets and USB ports and also has space to hide the cables. As the desk is a “smart-desk”, It learns the preferences of the user with time and determines the best seating position for each user. Such desks have made their mark in the tech firms where productivity and creativity are a must and this surely gives them a boost. They are common in firms like Google, where employees have even installed bicycle desks and treadmill desks. The Stir Kinect desk was designed by a team of ex-Apple and Disney engineers.Stir Kinect Desk5

This desk syncs up with your FitBit account and adds up the calories you’ve burnt standing on the desk to your daily calorie count. ‘Our goal is to increase movement, productivity, health, and inspiration at work by leveraging cutting-edge health tracking software and devices,’ said Stir CEO JP Labrosse.Stir Kinect Desk4 Stir Kinect Desk2 Stir Kinect Desk

‘It’s also been shown that switching between sitting and standing can generate an extra fifty minutes of productivity each day,’ JP Labrosse, CEO Stir, claimed. The desk also provides Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and integration with third party fitness applications. It comes with a FitBit fitness band to view the user’s health.

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Stir Kinect Desk – Smart Desk whose Height can be Varied

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