Storm Electric Bike

Electric bikes have been making a big scene in the marketplace.  These bikes are cool and fun for everyone.  Storm Sondors has an amazing name and so does the Storm eBike he created as an electric bike for everyone.


It isn’t the first battery powered bike we’ve seen, but at under $500 is sure is one of the most affordable.  Unlike other electric bikes the Storm eBike doesn’t have many impressive features like regenerative braking or a very sleek design.  Storm’s bike is able to go up to 30 miles with a 90 minute charge time.  The bike is outfitted with large round tires so that it can ride over almost any surface without becoming uncomfortable for the rider.  These tires provide a stable, smooth ride on different surfaces.  With Storm, you can either peddle or sit back and enjoy the ride.  Three LEDs show power status, and there’s no companion smartphone app with fancy location tracking.


The Storm eBike weighs only 45 pounds making it easy to glide through snow, sand and wet surfaces.  The Lithium Ion battery could be replaced or recharged to its full charge.  The battery can also be charged by solar power for those of you who feel like going green.  The eBike come equipped with a 350 watt direct drive motor.  It can reach a speed of up to 20 mph.  The direct drive motor operates best at medium and high speeds.  Another great thing about riding this eBike is that it does not require any additional licensing.

storm4 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAstorm1Storm Sondor came up with the idea when an accident left him with limited mobility.  He’s a keen surfer so he wanted to get as close to the waves as possible.  The result was his Storm eBike.  Sondor makes all the components himself.  This is what was key to keep the price under $500.  The Storm eBike is available in four colors.  Manufacturing begin on March 15th and if everything goes as planned, shipping will start in May.  Whether you’re on the beach, on the mountains, or on the streets commuting to work, the Storm eBike will give you hours of enjoyment.

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