Strange Entries in Guinness World Records


Know what are some of the more strange world records? Man has achieved much in his life span and till date he has not stopped to amaze himself. In today’s article we will look into some strange and wacky endeavors of people who put there mark in the books history. Here are a few records that you guys might find interesting.

1. World’s heaviest sports woman

Sharran Alaxander

Looking at the sheer size one can imagine that there is no easy way to get to the level that Sharran did. Sharran Alexander is the only female sumo wrestler that UK has to offer but she is also the heaviest sports woman in the world. She weighs a staggering 203.21 kg. According to sources, she is a mother of three and has won 4 gold medal till date in international competitions.

2. 88 year old gymnast

Talk bout super grandma and you get Johanna Quaas. 88 year old from German still competes in amateur competition Landes-Seniorenspiele, staged in Saxony, Germany. It is rather hard for many of this age to get out of bed but this old hot mama is a gymnast and a pretty good one too.

3. World’s tallest mohican

Kazuhiro Watanabe

Here is a fashion statement for you guys, rather something that is not remotely easy to copy or compete with. Kazuhiro Watanabe from Japan hold the record for the tallest mohican. The tower on Mr. Kazuhiro Watanabe hair go  up to be 44.68 in tall, not something you see everyday.

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Strange Entries in Guinness World Records

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