Stunning Look Of BMW M4 Designed By Timo Wuerz

Designer Hamann BMW M4

Timo Wuerz  specializes in cars and lifestyle products, turning them into unique pieces of art. His latest moving work of art was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show: M4 sports coupé individualized by Hamann. Wuerz’s work depicts a colorful engine explosion, in line with the vehicle concept’s characteristics. The work was transferred to the car on a sophisticated printed wrap. Hamann’s extravagantly shaped bonnet is made of visible carbon fiber and a potent rear wing in GT3 style.

Hamman BMW (15)

The model has “aerodynamics upgrade” for a smoother run on the roads. It increases the downforce, is in a prominent contrast to the model’s conventional air intakes and reaches as far as the wings’ edges.

Hamman BMW (14)

Hamman BMW (3)

The M4 interior has sports pedals made of black anodized aluminum, and exclusive floor mats made of high-pile velours. The car door LED welcomes the rider with projector lights and a Hamann logo.

Hamman BMW (17)

Hamman BMW (15)

Hamman BMW (10)

Hamman BMW (4)

The latest model mimics the same side skirts as is traditional for this line. The standard rear is pepped up by a diffuser with four massive carbon winglets for the four-pipe exhaust system.  For the tailpipes, carbon fibre tail pieces with a diameter of 90 mm bear the Hamann brand mark.

Hamman BMW (8)

Hamman BMW (9)

Under the bonnet is a special control module for electronic power advancement. It increases the engine power output to an impressive 517 hp from the standard 431 hp and gives it a range of 1,850 – 5,500 rpm. The V6 turbocharged engine produces a maximum torque of 700 Nm – 150 more than the standard model.

Hamann brings down the vehicle’s centre of gravity by around 30 mm to facilitate the physics of the up gradation and balance the vehicle at its top speed. Reinforced sport anti-roll bars optimise the steering behaviour and reduce body roll.

Hamman BMW (2)

Hamman BMW (11)

The model  sports a glossy black, multi-spoke , 21-inch “Anniversary Evo” light-alloy wheel and hi-end Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R tyres . The front axle: 9.0 J x 21 ET 32 wheels combined with tyres in size 245/30 ZR21. The rear axle is 305/25 ZR21 tyres and “Anniversary Evo” wheels in 11.0 J x 21 ET 50. This combination fares best handling characteristics, and exceptional acceleration and deceleration values when combined with the M carbon ceramic brakes, as is a tested recipe of Hamman’s developers.

Hamman BMW (13)

Hamman BMW (6)

Hamman BMW (5)

Hamann works at its headquarters in Laupheim apart from at a few international partner sites. It manufactures these high-quality, tailored components for the M4 as individual or complete sets, now available for consumers.

Pictures Courtesy : www.gtspirit.com

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Stunning Look Of BMW M4 Designed By Timo Wuerz

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