Stunning Quant F and Quantino – Conceptual Cars By NanoFlowcell

NanoFlowcell promised the world two concept cars for this year’s Geneva Motor Show, the Quant F and the Quantino and company has delivered.  The cars, the F in red and Quantino in sparkly blue, promise a technology that is unlike anything else out there as far as transportation is concerned.

nano2 nano3

The Quant F supposedly has in excess of 1,000 hp and a 500 mile range with its new form of batteries.  The smaller Quantino is said to have 136 hp and be able to travel more than 600 miles on a charge.  The ‘batteries’ in these cars use a charged sort of saltwater to create electricity.  In short, the NanoFlowcell technology, once it gets to the real world is that instead of a battery or fuel cell, the electric power comes from two tanks of ionic liquids, one that has a positive charge, the other with a negative charge.  When the two flow together, the energy generated helps move the cars to some impressive figures, like going from zero to 62 miles per hour in only 2.8 seconds (Quant F) and offering  a range of over 600 miles (the Quantino).

nano4 nano5

Nunzio La Vecchia, Chief Technical Officer of nanoFlowcell AG, unveiled the two latest models featuring nanoflowcell technology at the Geneva International Motor Show.  He says, “We see the flow cell technology as the most promising technology with the greatest potential for the future of sustainable electromobility without harmful emissions.  If offers an enormous range as well as exceptional performance.  For us it represents the best alternative to battery-powered or fuel cell powered electric vehicles.  The flow-cell drive system eliminates many of the disadvantages inherent in existing drive systems and it is also more cost-effective.”

nano6 nano7

NanoFlowcell is already looking beyond the automotive sector for the application of its technology.  Other areas being considered are aerospace, railways and shipping, road haulage, housing construction and building services.  Initial talks exploring opportunities for cooperative ventures with leading international companies in these sectors are already underway.

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