Use sun to keep your edibles cool

CES at Las Vegas manage to give us some very promising and innovative ideas in the shape of finished products and today’s article is on such product. In past solar energy has been used in variety of ways to attain the required ends. Solar Cool Technologies, for a change, manage to make a portable container that keeps the food refrigerated utilizing sun rays. With the rate we are currently depleting out natural resources it is imminent that in time we will be more dependent on sources that we in the contemporary era consider secondary.

Now onto to some  is remarkable stuff as regard to the gadget, for starter

Solar Cooler

it can maintain a temperature of 5.5° C for over 24 hours considering the number of times the lid is open and can even go as low as -10° C if needed. Secondly the user can juice up the container with more solar panels or plugging it in to an external source before leaving for an outing. The temperature is controlled using high tech digital display attached at the side of the container.

Solar Cooler

Naturally to get the right balance of power and usable space some pretty high tech circuitry has been used. This puts the price tag roughly 8-10 time higher than your average cooler with ice. But the eco-friendliness is a factor that is hard to achieve. If you want one of these coolers your will have to lighten you wallets by $950 and to get one with beach wheel kit will cost you $1200 (the wheels are specially designed for sandy areas).

Solar Cooler

Attributes of the cooler: 

  • Dimensions: 16 x 14 x 17 in
  • Weight: 25 kg
  • Usable Volume: 40 Litres
  • Additional: USB port and a 12 Volt plugin for charging phones etc and a light inside the lid.
  • Exterior: Rugged
  • Optional: Beach wheels

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