TACTpuck Is Digital Communication At Its Best

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Technology seems to be taking over the world. Text messaging has replaced long phone calls, but are you satisfied with boring text messages? Wouldn’t it be nice to bring intimacy back in a social world void of touch. Back in February, we covered this gadget and its promising future in the technological world. Tactonics, a New Jersey-based startup founded by Eddie Bugg. Tactonics is raising funds to build small wearables which relay messages as intimate communications delivered via a circular custom device called a TACTPuck. Each TACTpuck communicates to the wearer by using vibration, illumination, nudge and warming sensations.  The company is now seeking funding on Indiegogo to make this dream a reality.



The birth of this product could make texting obsolete. TACTonics, LLC’s patented Sensory Messaging technology will allow you to communicate without words, meaning you’ll be able to send sensory messages called TACTs, which will be felt through a TACTpuck. You’ll be able to wear your puck anywhere, in your sock, pocket or in a new accessory called the TACTband, which hold your TACTpuck close to your wrist. A TACTribbon and TACTpendant can also be used to keep your puck close.  “Every day we use facial expressions, body language and gestures to silently convey our thoughts and emotions. And, sometimes, when we’re close enough, we use touch. It’s more human, more personal. It’s tactile.”

tactpuck6 tactpuck8 tactpuck7

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The Sensory Message is called TACT because it’s tactile and sensed by touch. It comes with an accompanying app, TACTspace which sends a message from one phone, tablet, or computer to another and the wearable device called a TACTpuck delivers the message. The company is hoping to reach their crowdfunding goal by October so that building a prototype for testing can be ready by December.


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