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GRIBBOT – A Robotic Butcher

Now-a-days the field of robotics is excelling more than anything else.  There is now an industrial robot that can succeed at removing the breast fillet from a chicken. Researchers working on the CYCLE project have built a fully functional robot in the lab to automate the process of extracting breast...

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ConforMIS: 3D Imaging to Implant Knees

3D image printing seems to be changing healthcare forever. A Massachusetts based medical device company, ConforMis is breaking ground in knee replacement surgery. The ConforMIS image-to-implant technology utilizes standard CTscan data and creates a 3D model of a patient’s knee. From that model, patient-specific implants and instrumentation are designed and...

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Turn Your Smartphone Into a Cheap, Powerful Microscope

If you’re a member of CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) then this is definitely for you. You can now turn your smartphone into a science lab.  A low cost device, a 3D printed clip and glass sphere turn into a powerful yet inexpensive microscope. Developers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)...

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