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3D Printing Elegant Table Art Is Geeky And Amazing

Creation of art and revolution of art is never-ending similar to the developments in technology that never end. What happens when you mix up these two, well that’s what Cypriot based designer Stelios did. Using 3D printing technology, Stelios created a series of amazing artworks labelled Wave City Table. Below...

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Fencer takes on the Paralympics with a 3D Printed Brace

This year at the Rio 2016 Paralympics, Poļina Rožkova is representing Latvia for wheelchair fencing competition this week. Poļina is competing in the competition with the aid of a 3D printed back brace by Stratasys reseller, Baltic3D. The support is a custom fit created especially for Rožkova using a 3D scan of...

Medical Aspects of 3D Printing - From Prosthetic to Organs 0

Medical Aspects of 3D Printing – From Prosthetic to Organs

What we know as 3D printing, aka Additive Manufacturing, has been around for some time now. What started in 1984 has really blossomed in the recent years due to the advances in technology. Nowadays, everything including your attire, accessories, stationery and even your vehicles can be produced using a 3D...

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Singapore’s Initiative Towards Development In 3D Printing

Children nowadays are being introduced to the basics of 3D printing, many initiatives are being designed for this purpose. This will promote STEM education and a solid and innovative future work force. A Singaporean government agency, the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) has developed and will e funding a series of...

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This is World’s Smallest Working Drill that Has Been 3D Printed!

What will a miniature fanatic do with a 3D Printer? Print a teeny tiny Power Drill! Lance Abernethy from New Zealand, a maintenance engineer by day (that explains it) is a fan of miniature objects and one fine day he decided to build a mini power drill – that really works!...

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