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3D-Printed Deer Sculptures Created By Paco Raphael

In order to add the smallest details of every aspect to the sculpture, it entails complexity and sophistication. In case of 3D sculptures of animals like deer, especially, it requires a lot of skilled sense of visualization and particularization in order to make sure that the animal’s expression is conveyed...

The Statue of Zeus Has Been Resurrected Via 3D Printing 0

The Statue of Zeus Has Been Resurrected Via 3D Printing

In collaboration with the Millennium Gate Museum in Atlanta, Georgia, Stratasys Ltd has resurrected one of the long-lost Seven Wonders of the World. In order to honour the 20th anniversary of the Atlanta Centennial Olympic Games, a “near-exact” 3D-printed scale plastic replica of the Statue of Zeus has been revealed...

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3D Printing Adding Flare To Your Home Decor

3D printing may have been invented in the 80’s, but it didn’t start picking up popularity until about 10 years ago.  In the past year alone, the items 3D printer can make have become increasingly stylish and sophisticated.  3D printing refers to various processes used to synthetically create a three-dimensional...

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