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CoLiDo 3D printing pen 2 0

CoLiDo Is The 3D Printing Pen You Must Have

The best way to show your creativity is through art. Being able to display your work three-dimensionally is an even better way.  One of the coolest inventions to ever have been invented is the CoLiDo 3D pen.  It’s a 3D printing pen that brings your design to life.  The 3D...

3Doodler pen for kids 1 1

3Doodler Start: A 3D Pen For Kids

Whether it’s a pen, crayon, markers or a pencil…..Kids love to doodle!!  The company who brought us the world’s first 3D printing pen, WobbleWorks is now back with a new, safer model just for kids. The 3Doodler needed to heat to melt the 3D printing filament, which meant it was...

3D Printed Digital Sundial Is The Clock You Must Have 0

3D Printed Digital Sundial Is The Clock You Must Have

The advancement made by science and technology in the last ten years alone is enough to bring us to a state of amazement and awe. Had anyone told us about 5 years ago that we’d be able to print out objects using printers; we would have most probably laughed in...

Blizzident 3D 0

Blizzident Is A 3D Printed Tooth Brush Cleans Teeth in 6 Seconds

We featured Blizzident on our list of weird cleaning products, but this one calls for a special up close and personal! This customized tooth brush is claimed to take mere six seconds to clean your teeth to perfection. Custom made to the user’s teeth structure, Blizzident is 3D printed after...

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