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Audi 3D printing EOS 0

Audi Collaborates With German 3D Printing Company EOS

A new partnership has been declared by automotive manufacturer Audi with fellow German company, 3D printer manufacturers EOS. The additive manufacturing will be used for, “equipment and prototype building at Audi, as well as motor sports, where the technology is already in use today.” Famous for their industrial-sized Direct Metal...

In Order to Invest in 3D printing Stocks, Check Out the 5-Point Checklist 0

Learn How To Invest In 3D Printing Stocks

Last year, more than $5.1 billion were generated in worldwide revenue, a 25.9% year-over-year increase, by the 3D printing industry as per the Wohlers Report 2016, a leading 3D printing insights report. It has been estimated by Wohlers that 3D printing will generate over $21 billion in revenue, an over...

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