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3D Printer by Made in Space Can Work In Space Vacuum 0

3D Printer by Made in Space Works In Space Vacuum

Yes, we are obsessed with 3D printing and for valid reasons. The technology has taken the world by storm and keeps getting better and better. Did you read about how US Army is using 3D printing for making barracks? Today we’ll be talking about another amazing feat of 3D printing...

Have A Look At The Top 6 Revolutionary Inventions Via 3D Printing 0

6 Revolutionary Inventions Made Possible Thanks To 3D Printing

3D printing technology is making an exponential growth nowadays.  Following are the top 6 revolutionary inventions in 3D printing technology from 3D-printed food to 3D-printed human organs: 6. 3D-Printed Food Well, it is not a surprise that humans always look for convenience. Therefore, there is no point in going through the...

3D Printing Satellites Are Coming Soon In Outer Space (4) 0

3D Printing Satellites Are Coming Soon In Outer Space

While, it must sound like the stuff of sci-fi movies having 3D printing satellites in outer space, however, the truth is that the greatest players of the industry of aerospace are precisely heading there. It is not just an amazing cool publicity stunt, but 3D printing can help in saving...

ESA 3D Prints Thruster (5) 0

European Space Agency Has 3D Printed This Thruster And It Works!

The European Space Agency (ESA) tested its first ever 3D printed platinum alloy thruster combustion chamber and nozzle and returned with favourable results. The thruster was printed with a laser printing machine that is used for jewellery making. Using layers of platinum-rhodium alloy, the 10 N hydrazine thruster combustion chamber...

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