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What's the Best 3D Printing Pen for You (1) 0

Check Out The Top 3 3D Printing Pens

Due to the recent advancements in 3D printing, 3D printers and pens are not distinct items any more. Using 3D-printing pens, we are now capable of producing plastic masterworks by just setting down the pen on the surface, drawing a line up into the air and then start by adding...

3Doodler pen for kids 1 1

3Doodler Start: A 3D Pen For Kids

Whether it’s a pen, crayon, markers or a pencil…..Kids love to doodle!!  The company who brought us the world’s first 3D printing pen, WobbleWorks is now back with a new, safer model just for kids. The 3Doodler needed to heat to melt the 3D printing filament, which meant it was...

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