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Incredible Alexa Skills For Owners Of Amazon Echo

After this holiday season, one of the most wanted devices is the Amazon Echo which is running out of stock very fast at both online and physical stores. Those who got hold of it, check out some of the amazing Alexa expertise that can help you get started with this...

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Dashbot Is A $49 Gadget That Adds AI To Your Ride

Smartphones have become quite a crucial part of our lives. This poses a problem when you’re driving; a threat if you will. That is why adding AI to your car is very important so that you can focus on what matters. Dashbot is a gadget that does exactly that for...

The Best 5 Al Virtual Assistants So Far (7) 0

The Best 5 Al Virtual Assistants So Far

Presently, an Al arms race is taking place in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. The first movement of this race is about artificial virtual assistants being ready to become our new digital best friends soon in the future. There are four chief players in the AI virtual assistant space other than...

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