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Take A Peek At The ‘Rose Pavilion’ Created by A Russian Architect 0

Take A Peek At The Rose Pavilion Created by A Russian Architect

Vasily Klyukin, a Russian architect and writer, discovered an exceptional method to acknowledge his love for design and architecture. Similar to a bouquet of roses, he designed a lovely pavilion called the Rose Pavilion. This pavilion has been named as Rose Pavilion, which is a stunning architectural concept. No explicit...

Tree Church Barry Cox (7) 0

This Amazing Church In New Zealand Is Made Of Trees

New Zealander Barry Cox wanted to be the Pope when he grew up. He didn’t pursue that, but his love for churches, and their architecture, remained undeterred. He studied churches across America and Europe to fuel his passion. Back home, he started Treelocations, a tree moving business. With this business,...


SeaScape Ocean Villas Have Been Designed To Float On The Shores

The BMT Asia Pacific, after the utopic floating island has redefined luxury with its floating villa concept. These villas will be stationed across minor distances to the coast in calm, serene waters. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because below the surface the villa has an underwater bedroom....

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