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Sharkman By Yang Zhao 0

Fancy Wearable Furniture Named Sharkman By Yang Zhao

Sharkman is lavish wearable furniture designed by Yang Zhao who is a young and talented Chinese designer. It lets you use it in several different ways. Sharkman provides a comfortable and incredible solution for those who like to have a safe zone. It is new generation wearable furniture that has...

zero energy furniture3 0

Zero Energy Furniture Will Reduce Your Energy Bills

As we all know energy issues are bothering the whole world these days.  Are your electricity bills hitting the roof?  We’re sure they are.  What if we were to tell you that there’s a way to save up to 60% of the energy?  It seems like an impossible thing, but...

travelbox4 0

Travelbox Is A Pop-Up Furniture For Wherever You Go

People who move often due to their work have to sell and then buy furniture for their new place, or spend loads of money to move the old furniture.  To save you from all this hassle, architect Stefan Juust has created a rectangular Travelbox that folds out to instantly furnish...

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