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This Chinese Artist Creates Art From Leftover Hair

A 31-year-old barber named Wang Xiaojiu from Jilin City of China creates beautiful works of art from leftover hair by carefully arranging the shorn hair before dumping them in the trash. From a far, it seems as if the masterpieces are drawn with a pencil or charcoal, but through a...

Drone Aerial Photography Contest 0

Check Out Winners From 2015 Drone Aerial Photography Contest

It wouldn’t be long before you look up and find the skyline dotted with drones, each working on a different assignment. We have seen them used for gaming and for technological advancements, and now we have come across another fun activity that drone-stars have taken up as a hobby. Never...

Caught in Nick of Time (11) 0

20 Photos That Were Timed Perfectly

I usually fail (very badly) to have my camera on me when I encounter a remarkable feat of nature that would make just the perfect photograph. Just the other day, the sky was a perfect purple against the backdrop of Margalla Hills.. and my camera was safely 200 kilo meters...

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