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the-worlds-heaviest-bicycle-has-been-built-by-a-49-year-old-german 0

The World’s Heaviest Bicycle Has Been Built By A 49 Year Old German

The world’s heaviest bicycle has been manufactured by a German cyclist fanatic by making use of huge tires from an old fertilizer spreader and large amount of scrap steel. Frank Dose from Schleswig-Holstein is 49 years old and has been at work on his two-wheeled behemoth since March and claims...

More Than 1000 Robots Dancing In Perfect Sync Made The New Guinness World Record 0

More Than 1000 Robots Dancing Made The New Guinness World Record

Well, envision 1000 robots performing a victory dance in perfect synchronization because more than 1000 robots dancing harmoniously were seen at the Qingdao Beer Festival held in China. The world record was made, when 1007 robots danced at the festival, for the most robots dancing in synchronization at the same...

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