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These Amazing Motorcycles Have Been Created By James Rice Using Only Bent Spoons 0

This Amazing Motorcycle Have Been Created By James Rice Using Only Bent Spoons

Meet James Rice, an American artist who has become an internet sensation following his creation of miniature motorcycle sculptures that he creates using only bent spoons. Pictures of his peculiar art have already gone viral securing hundreds of thousands of shares and likes. He even sells these sculptures from time...

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Artist’s Mythical Animal Sculptures Will Leave You Stunned

When they said “let your imagination run wild,” this artist took it literally.  Artist Ellen Jewett combines plants, animals, and man-made devices to create mystical sculptures. She refers to her work as “natural history surrealist sculpture.” This talented sculptor is based in Canada creates this unbelievably detailed and delicate looking...

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Bernard Pras Art Made Of Junk

Artist Bernard Pras uses a technique known as anamorphosis, the art of sticking objects on a canvas to give the work texture and dimension. Bernard Pras is a French painter, photographer, and sculptor.  He has spent more than 20 years perfecting his craft.  When you view his art from a...

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24 Most Amazing Sculptures from Around the World

Arts and sculptures sure are a nice thing to see. They bring out the best in us and we feel good. It’s like they vibrate the very life within us. We decided to bring to you 24 sculptures from all around the world that are a must see. One must...

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