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3D Printed Beak Restores the Pride and Confidence of the Cockatoo

Huizai (Chinese for Grey Boy) – A palm cockatoo just had its life changed by the technological wonders of today. Living in the Nanjing Zoo in Jiangsu, China, Huizai the parrot was about to lose its beak and its respect from the peers after sustaining damage during a fight with...

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20 Photos That Were Timed Perfectly

I usually fail (very badly) to have my camera on me when I encounter a remarkable feat of nature that would make just the perfect photograph. Just the other day, the sky was a perfect purple against the backdrop of Margalla Hills.. and my camera was safely 200 kilo meters...

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25 Albino Animals that Give You the Fuzzies!

Albinism is the lack of melanin in the body that yields discoloration of hair, eyes and skin/fur. Albinism in humans is fairly common; it is prevalent in animal species too, albeit to a lesser degree. Nonetheless, nature has worked its magic to create unique members in different species that stand out,...

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Artist’s Mythical Animal Sculptures Will Leave You Stunned

When they said “let your imagination run wild,” this artist took it literally.  Artist Ellen Jewett combines plants, animals, and man-made devices to create mystical sculptures. She refers to her work as “natural history surrealist sculpture.” This talented sculptor is based in Canada creates this unbelievably detailed and delicate looking...

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Ever Wondered What a Lion Looks Like JUST Before It Attacks?

If you did, here’s how: Pakistani photographer Atif Saeed was out doing the day’s business – nature photography – in Lahore’s Safari Zoo park when he got out of his jeep to capture a candid shot of a Lion, which caught the lens’ noise and charged towards him, giving Atif...

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Woodpecker Takes Weasel On the Ride of Its Life

Amateur photographer Martin Le-May, from Essex, has recorded the extraordinary image of a weasel riding on the back of a green woodpecker as it flies through the air.  The photograph was taken at the Hornchurch County Park in east London. Le-May and his wife were enjoying a leisurely walk in...

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26 Photogenic and Cute Animals

Here are some amazing pictures of animals that are both photogenic and cute while being classy and stylish. It would seem as if they were born to be photographed. Check out the pictures below. All pictures are courtesy of Blaze Press. 26. Pretty Panda 25. Lovely llama 24. Breath-taking Bear...

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5 animals with insanely long life spans.

Nature never stops to amaze us. Every now and then we find something fascinating as regards to nature and in today’s article we will present 5 animals that have a pretty long life span.

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11 Hilarious Animals being Jerks GIFs

They are cute and they are jerks. Animals sometimes show their wild sides and show us what it takes to get what you want, by being jerks. Here are 11 hilarious instances of Animals being jerks: It’s mine now…. They don’t care The best part is how the cat doesn’t...

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Beauty in the Blood. Satellite Images show us Factory Farms.

Ever wondered, what a huge factory farm looked like from above? Where does all the blood goes? Well considered yourself answered. For his series Feedlots, Mishka Henner stitched together satellite images captured over sprawling factory farming operations. Henner stumbled across these images of factory farms while researching satellite photographs of...

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Eco Bridge for the Animals

Not an optical illusion nor a conceptual project, the following pictures show an ‘Ecoduct’; a bridge for the animals to cross the highway safely. Located in North Brabant provice at the A50 highway, this ecobridge is a result of highly advanced urban planning. Here is another one in Czech Republic....


10 Giant Prehistoric Creatures, Which are Thankfully Extinct.

Oh Animal Kingdom, you remind us why we decided to leave the forest behind and live in groups outside. Alone, not many of us would survive in the wild, even in the modern era. But there were creatures in prehistoric times that would have taken a group of humans and...

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