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This Smart App Wakes You Up Early In Case of a Traffic Jam

We all have our alarms set according to the time it takes us to go from our beds to our office chairs. But imagine waking up exactly 23 minutes before D-Day and going on your way to your destination and then being stuck in a traffic jam. That would ruin...

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This Tiny Ball Does More To Help You Sleep Better Than Anything Else

Some of us have trouble sleeping. Sometimes, it is just minor disturbances or our mental issues that keep us from sleeping while sometimes, it is something more serious like a medical disorder like insomnia. A bad night’s sleep can have a very adverse effect on the coming day, with lethargy...

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Apple Announces Free Swift Playgrounds for Aspiring Developers

Apple ended the 2016 WWDC with an awesome announcement for aspiring coders by introducing Swift Playgrounds, a free tool designed for people to easily learn Apple’s Swift developer language. Demonstrated on stage by Jean MacDonald, the founder of App Camp for Girls, the app is designed to be used on...

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Best Health Apps for the iPhone

Pocket First Aid & CPR $1.99 This is an emergency guide that includes information on First Aid Basics, CPR, automated external defibrillators (AED), and medical, injury, and environmental emergencies. This app is up to date with The American Heart Association Guidelines on CPR & Emergency Cardiovascular Care. The app is powered...

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