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Does The Futuristic Hypersonic Spy Plane “AURORA” Really Exist?

Rumors about ‘Aurora’, a hypersonic spy plane stemmed from the mid 1980’s, but there is still no substantial evidence that it actually exists.  The US government has continually denied such an aircraft was ever built.  In 1990 an aviation magazine spotted that the term ‘Aurora’ had been included in the...

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Northern Lights – NASA’s Prediction

Northern lights are the talk of the day. Before we indulge into why they didn’t appear at the predicted time and when they did appear let’s take a minute to read what they actually are. Northern Lights are basically an aurora which means Sunrise or Roman goddess of dawn. This...

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Disney princesses dress up as their favorite heroines

Note : Dear readers, kindly check out our Facebook and Google Plus page once you’re done reading this post, Cheers! The Disney princesses get into the Halloween spirit in a series of pictures by Isaiah K Stephens. Stephens dresses each lady up as a battle-ready heroine. Ariel as Black Widow,...

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