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8 Features That Apple Car Will Offer

Apple is planning to step into the automobile business by 2019 by revealing their own electric vehicle. But the fabled “Titan” is still in the pipeline and details are still unknown. However, by comparing what the potential competitors are presenting in the market, we can make a guess at what...

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Huayra BC Is The Reinvented Pagani

Remember Pagani? Makers of one of the most insane Modena-based supercar on this planet, I guess not, that’s because you don’t hear their name too often because they don’t develop new cars and model variants at a constant pace. After the latest production by the company, their motto seems to...

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The Super Boomerang By Maserati Is Being Auctioned For Sale

Super cars of 1970’s were the essence of extreme automotive style, with their low-profiles, razor-sharp outlines, origami-like angles and their wedge shapes. The Maserati Boomerang that preceded the likes of Lamborghini Countach, BMW M1 and Lotus Esprit, the on-road examples of this idea, the Maserati took this style to the...

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Stella Lux Is The Car of the Future

A new family car has been developed by Dutch students that is powered by the sun and generates more energy than it consumes. This four-seater car is designed to be efficient, intelligent and comfortable as well. This, Stella Lux will be competing in World Solar Challenge in Australia later this...

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Alfa Romeo Giulia Is The M4 Contender

Alfa Romeo is trying to get back in America after staying out for a long time and start up again in the American Market and everywhere else with everything they’ve got. Along with having a halo in the 4C, this Italian automaker has now revealed their new Giulia. In competition...

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